BusyBird is a bust!!

Folsom, California 1 comment
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This company never fulfilled my order, they never responded to my emails, and my phone calls would not go through.My payment is pending at PayPal and they cannot cancel it.

Busybird.com refuses to respond or cancel my order. For years I have purchased all my items online and have never encounter a business with these issues. BusyBird.com seemed to be a reliable company, don't let the website or great deals fool you. Best of luck to those that order from BusyBird.com.

If by chance someone from BusyBird.com reads this check your orders from 08/01/2012.

I am a breeder and owner of 37 birds.I recommend not doing business with them.

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If you paid through PayPal, you can summit a report with them to get your money back.

Don't use busybird.com, they are the black hole of merchants

New York, New York 2 comments
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Never fulfilled the order, never responded to any of my requests.The payment is pending at Paypal and they cannot cancel it.

Busybird.com refuses to respond or cancel the order. I have bought the items elsewhere and do not want the order from this amateur operation. In ten years of internet buying, I have never felt so invisible and insulted.

Go to Ebay, Amazon, birdsafe.com, drssmithandfoster.com or some other trustworthy vendor.If you order from busybird, you money and merchandise will simply dissapear into the black hole of cyber space and you will not even be afforded the courtesy of a reply.

Review about: Bird Toys Order.



I also placed an order with Busybird.com and had the same issues as you.

They withheld my money in holding with PayPal, I emailed them twice without any response and called busybird this morning and the call would not go through.


:grin I love this company and have never had any problems with them.They state they are a small company and handmake everything so orders do take time.

I have been doing business with them for over 5 years. She answers all my emails, my birds love the products and I am patient to receive my order since I would personally rather have my toys made and wood cut & color is the USA. They are super nice & almost always include a surprise for my African Grey!

I will continue to do business with them for as long as I have my birds!8)

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